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Sneak Peek by xMidoriKawaiix
Sneak Peek
Here have a sneak peek to the drawing that's taking me like a million years to finish You wish you were this sexy. 
its obviously not even close to being finished but yknow at least its lookin hot so far
(ps this is ONLY a section of the full image)
I'm so confused
before skin was the thing i couldn't paint
but now its like the only thing i can paint…who's idea was this? Upset 
Actual footage of Joz rn by xMidoriKawaiix
Actual footage of Joz rn
BREAKING NEWS: skin is hard to paint

I should be asleep rn lol
ahahahahaha i have school tomorrow/today
its a quarter past midnight hahahah

Okay imma actually sleep now, gnoight 
- Joz 
Oh my gosh, yes, I finally figured out how to colour skin *excited pterodactyl noises*


xMidoriKawaiix's Profile Picture
Joz K
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Why hello there.

My name is Joz, I'm a student from NSW Australia, and I am a hobbyist artist.
uhh... Along with drawing I like all kinds of things like music and drama (which I am working on atm…), Photography, Writing, etc.
I am a fangirl, especially towards Marvel, Supernatural, BBC Sherlock, and I am relatively proud of this.
I write Fanfiction style stories with my best friend, Blaze.
Yeah I reckon that is about it.

Hope you like my artworks and such, and have fun going through my gallery.
Have a nice day and most of all
Enjoy ~

That's right y'all: I'm back.
kind of.

So it's been around five years (seven months actually) since I last updated - well, my journal at least. 
And that journal is highly outdated, as I - in fact - never actually ended up going to Oz-Con anyhey (sick mothers=No conventions).
But, seeming I have finally thought I should check this site that I have not been going on recently, I have come to the conclusion to make a come-back, of sorts (or at least how "back" I can actually be, seeming my school work is immensely high at the moment) and therefore, I thought I should, well, let you know I guess.

(I'm sure no one actually gave two shits as to whether I was gone or not, seeming I wasn't really updating anyway, but even so, I'm here so you can notice me now)

I'm going to make an attempt to actually update for once (I know, incredible, right?) but I'm having a bit of artist-trouble (basically writers block but like, art block? I guess?) so don't be expecting any immediate improvements.

Now: let's talk conventions-
So at the current moment nothing has been confirmed when it comes to cons, and my parents have never really been excited about me going to lot's of them, however, I am planning (I've conversed with my mother) on ACTUALLY going to Oz-Con this year (finally, goddamn). I will hopefully still be going as Fem!Joker but again, nothing has been confirmed. Also, possibly my friend and I may be making an appearance at either Supanova or SMASH! but yet again, no confirmations as she may be going on exchange in the time that those cons/expo's will be on. 

oh dear god where do I start.
So cosplay's may be difficult this year, and as per usual, probably no more than one will come out of the works. However, I'm hoping maybe I can find a way to make/buy more.
I'll make a short list of my ideas and plans so far - even if they won't happen this year:

      - I'm planning on buying a new Ciel cosplay - the first is a bit outdated and honestly was not as nice as I was hoping. I mean, it is a beautiful costume but being the short-arse I am (5,3") It just looks kind of baggy on me. I'm hoping for a simpler one this time.
      - The Fem!Joker cosplay is the one I'm rooting for this year, but It may not be possible due to money troubles, seeming I would need to get my outfit tailor made, and that takes a lot of planning, time, and especially money. But, I have a lot of ideas for it, and am very excited to hopefully see it through.
      - Kaneki Ken: Oh my gosh, I got into Tokyo Ghoul, and I'm in love. I really want to cosplay Kaneki (I mean cmon, look at that badass mask) and seeming it's a simple cosplay, I might actually be able to do it - so I'm VERY excited about that. (note: I'm planning on cosplaying both waiter Kaneki, and ghoul Kaneki, but both are quite simple, so I should be fine.)
      - Alois Trancy: I recently realised that I want to cosplay Alois as well as Ciel, but I can be sure that won't happen any time soon.
      - Jinx (from LoL): So, although I don't yet play LoL (I know, shoosh.) a good friend of mine does, and we have been talking about cosplaying a few of the characters for quite a while now. A few months ago, she invited me to go to a gaming expo towards the end of this year, and with a love of games and hanging with my friends, how could I pass it up? (note: again still not confirmed, gosh parents are party poopers.). At first I wanted to cosplay Ashe (I was attracted by the bow and arrow, what can I say? I just love archery) and although I still would like to, I have recently fallen in love with Jinx, and decided that I must. However, the outfit is very.. um… small. And I'm not quite sure how comfortable I am with that, but I have until October or so to decide.

Seriously, there are so many other ideas in this head of mine right now, but those are just the main ones.

Art isn't going terribly well. Drawing with my tablet kind of stopped for a while and now it's getting a little difficult and frustrating getting used to it again. Oh and let's take a moment to mention how ridiculously hard I'm finding it to paint skin. Holy moly. Drawing by hand with pen on paper is still relatively fine, and I have done some sketches (and an actual - *cough* unfinished *cough* - painting.) that are quite nice and may make their way here. Maybe not though, I'm not completely sure yet.

Well that's really all I can think of updating you on, and If you actually just read through all of that by your own accord then I can congratulate you because God knows why you would want to read that bullshit.

Actually, speaking of bullshit, I changed my Tumblr URL: It's now, but I'll also put that at the end of my journals, as that's a thing I do now.

So yes, again if you read all that, congrats, and If there's any questions (there probably won't be, but why not drop this is here) feel free to leave a comment, and I shall hope to see/hear from you all soon.
Also: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentines day and happy what ever other shit I missed - I hope you enjoyed yourselves. 
Talk soon

- Jaz

STALK ME (dear god, not literally, but check me out):
Instagram: b_ullshxt
Snapchat: mykeilamassacre
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling
  • Reading: like five books at once
  • Watching: youtube gaming videos
  • Playing: Cooking Fever
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: Iced Coffee

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